Program Description

This module will assist you in updating a small number of key policies in your Blood Bank operations when using INTERCEPT® or psoralen treated platelets.

Onboarding psoralen platelets at your facility requires discussions with two key stakeholder groups:

  • Your Blood Supplier(s)
  • Internal INTERCEPT® Project Implementation team

Blood Supplier(s)

Key considerations include:

  • Development of your implementation plan around a mutually agreed upon start date
  • Inventory level of psoralen treated platelet units your provider has available and ramp-up plan
  • Labeling for psoralen treated platelets based on your blood supplier testing for CMV, Zika and Babesia

Internal Implementation Team

Key considerations include:

  • Preparing for your INTERCEPT® or psoralen treated platelet inventory storage requirements
  • Policy updates regarding the use and labeling requirements for psoralen treated platelets as an alternative to irradiation
  • Policy updates regarding the use and labeling requirements for psoralen treated platelets for CMV mitigation

Many of onboarding steps can be done concurrently to shorten the implementation time frame. Upon completion of the implementation steps outlined in this module series, there is no further work to do for the use of INTERCEPT® platelets at your hospital.

We are here to help. The information reviewed in this module series is also available in our hospital implementation guide.

The Cerus Hospital Affairs team has experience with hundreds of hospitals in onboarding INTERCEPT® platelets. A member of this team is available to provide the support you need.

Once you have reviewed the implementation support materials in this module series and would like further assistance, please email us at for help with any part of the INTERCEPT® onboarding process.


Houston 'Buddy' Nguyen

Houston "Buddy" Nguyen BSCLS, MT (ASCP), BIT

Director of Hospital Engagement and Education Cerus Corporation

Houston “Buddy” Nguyen is a Hospital Implementation Director at Cerus Corporation where he is focused on assisting hospitals with implementing INTERCEPT®, or pathogen-reduced, products. Buddy is a medical technologist with degrees in Clinical Laboratory Science from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and in Information Technology.
Buddy has experience working in hospital clinical laboratories and spent more than 10 years in laboratory management before successfully implementing a Patient Blood Management (PBM) Program as a Transfusion Safety Officer (TSO) at Northwest Texas Healthcare System for three years.